Adaptive Performance Belt
By Ikarus Athletics

We're pushing the limits of athletic potential... and it starts with our equipment.

"For a leather belt the profile is low...

Which was my biggest concern because in Olympic Weightlifting I keep the bar pretty close. The other belts have that buckle and stuff and I clip against them all the time. I want to be able to put the belt on and keep it on, which I was able to do with this belt by just loosening the fastener."

-Rob Blackwell 
National Gold Medalist 89 kg weight class

Inspiring The Intrinsic Drive For Success

Breaking PR's and reaching new heights in your sport is easier than ever -- with the right equipment. Don't agree? Just think about how many times you've lost focus struggling to clip the bar with old springs... or had to reset your workout just to tie your shoe... and don't get us started on clipping your buckle in the middle of a lift and almost losing it...

On second thought, DO get us started on that!

No one wants to attempt a lift with a belt that (a) doesn't fit right (b) is bulky and (c) is a pain to get on or off.

So, why are you still dealing with insufficient equipment?

With our Adaptive Performance Belt, NO ONE has to deal with those worries anymore. This belt offers everything you need:

(Custom embroidery designed by an athlete)

  • ADAPTIVE FASTENER: precise adjustments allow for the perfect fit both in training and competition.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: enjoy function and style in one with hand-crafted premium American leather.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: we offer 20 different colors of suede and over a dozen colors of thread to suit your lifting persona.
  • SUEDE LINER: for a comfortable fit on the skin or over clothing, nothing beats the feel of suede

We Design Equipment To Help You Perform at Your Highest Level

You deserve high-quality equipment that works as hard as you and will never stop performing. That's why our buckleless attachment system is secured with industrial-grade polypropylene webbing to our premium American Made leather belt -- the perfect broken-in fit without wearing out. 

Start designing today!

Tips On Selecting The Perfect Size

DO NOT use your Pant Size or the size of a different belt.

We are unable to accept returns or exchanges due to the incorrect size being ordered, so please email us at if you have any questions on selecting a size!

Please use the following sizing instructions to find your perfect fit!

• Simply wrap a string or shoelace around your core right at the belly button.

• Keep your abs relaxed and mark the string where the two ends meet. Then measure the string with a tape measure.

• Take this measurement and pick a size where you are closest to the middle of the range.

• For example, if you measure 33” do NOT pick the belt size 26”-33” instead pick the belt size 31”-38”.
This will ensure you will have the best fitting belt!

Please Allow 3-5 weeks for All Custom Belts to Be Hand Crafted to Your Specifications

Leather color

  • Leather Color *

Suede Color

  • Suede Color *

Outer Stitching

  • Outer Stitching *

Inner Stitching

  • Inner Stitching *

Custom text engraving

Add engraved text under the buckle of your belt

  • Text engraving * $69.99

    Please select one of the fonts listed belowMax: 20 characters

  • Text engraving font *

    If you are having your name engraved please select one of the fonts listed here. If no font is selected Cursive will be used as a default font.

Laser engraved image or logo

Add a custom image or logo underneath your buckle. Please note only single color images can be laser engraved. Please upload .png files ONLY

  • Laser engraved image or logo * $89.99

    Max file size: 3 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif

Add embroidered text on the inner suede

  • Embroidered text on the inner suede * $69.98

    Add custom lettering to the inside of your belt. Please select a font from the list below after entering your text. Max: 20 characters

  • Embroidery font *

    Please select a font style for your text. Please note the Graffiti font requires us to manually design the letters you submit and therefore contains an additional surcharge.

  • Select a letter color *

Add a custom image or logo to the inner suede

Please note the embroidery machine uses needle and thread to create lines and therefore can not replicate photographs or images with large shaded areas. Email us at if you have any questions on what images can be embroidered

  • Custom image embroidery * $89.96

    Max file size: 3 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif

Add a black fade to custom dyed leather colors

  • a laser engraved powerlifting belt

    For custom dyed colors you can add a black fade around the edges of the dyed color. Please note this is not visible on the black leather belts.

Add colored edges?

Add colored edges to give your belt an unrivaled style. Without colored edges the natural leather color will be exposed.

  • Edge color *

Product total

Options total

Grand total

Ikarus Lifetime Guarantee

We guarantee your belt will be free of manufacturing defects and will remain that way as long as you own the belt. 
If any defects do occur, we will repair or replace the belt at no cost to you.  


You make sacrifices in the pursuit of your goals, but one thing you should never sacrifice is your equipment. You deserve equipment that will work as hard as you and never let you down; equipment durable enough to train in daily and dependable enough to compete in all throughout your career. That’s why we use the highest-grade materials and hand-craft our Adaptive Performance Belts to create a belt that will last you a lifetime.


The buckle-less attachment system is secured to the belt with industrial grade polypropylene webbing for maximum performance in any size. Never find yourself struggling to fit in the fixed size holes of your belt again. The Adaptive Performance Belt gives you a perfect fit every time. This belt is ideal for those whose weight may fluctuate between in season and off season, and for everyone who needs to quickly tighten and loosen their belt during a workout. The Adaptive Performance Belt is truly where the perfect design meets the perfect fit.


A hand-crafted fully customizable belt at one flat rate. There will never be any hidden charges for small custom details like color of stitching or suede liners. We use the highest-grade leathers, so your belt will feel broken in right out of the box – and keep that feeling throughout your entire career. With 20 different colors of suede and over a dozen colors of thread, you can design a belt that represents you as an athlete.