Pushing the Limits

of Athletic Potential

Custom Belts   


The great all have one thing in common:

They push the limits of what they can do. Regardless of their sport or profession, they strive to be better today than they were before. Ikarus Athletics helps athletes push the limits of your athletic potential, because we believe your potential is virtually limitless.

Only by pushing your limits will you find out what is truly possible.

Inspiring Your Intrinsic

Drive for Success

Training Accessories  

Whether in the final lift of a competition or the first set in training:

Your focus should only be on that next lift, and not distracted by equipment that doesn’t fit right. So why settle for less than the best? Ikarus Athletics designs and produces the highest quality equipment to help you perform at your highest level, equipment that will work as hard as you do every time you set up for the lift. Through years of training and testing, we have created a line of belts that offers everything an Athlete needs – custom weightlifting belts, powerlifting belts, lever belts, training belts, and more – whether you are at the top of your game or just getting started. 

Built to perform. Built by athletes.

Designing Equipment
to Perform at
The Highest Levels

Weightlifting Belts 

The Ikarus Lifetime Warranty

We guarantee your belt will be free of manufacturing defects and will remain that way as long as you own the belt. If any defects do occur, we will repair or replace the belt at no cost to you.